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We're moving in a new direction!
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We're still working on details, but we do know the new SemCo will include videos. Therefore we're recorded our flagship CSTA (Computers: Systems, Terms and Acronyms) course. It's a set of five MP4 videos (Platforms, Development, Data, Communications, Applications). Each is about an hour long and they explain how computers and technology are used in by companies. It covers the things you can't learn by using your personal computers,and covers technology in terms and examples used by business people 
You can have these videos for $795 - the cost of enrolling one person in a scheduled course. You can then use them over and over for as many people, at home or at work, whenever it fits your schedule. Existing staff can view only the areas where they have questions and new hires can view the entire series. 
 We're making this incredible offer to get feedback on the videos to help us in our future planning. That's all - one simple form to fill our at a later date.
Don't miss out as this is a limited time offer available to the first responders.  Check the buttons above for more details.

CSTA Videos

We’ve recorded our flagship CSTA training  –. It’s a set of 5, hour-long, MP4 videos: one each for major technical area: Platforms, Development, Data, Communications and Applications. Each has an accompanying PDF for note taking (with appropriate definitions already included).   Training can be anytime, anywhere;  train new hires, train existing staff,  replay part of a video; train a group; train individuals,  review individual  sections, etc,.  You have complete flexibility. And, all for the cost of a single enrollment in a scheduled course - $795.


CSTA videos - $795.                         Set of 5 MP4 videos, 

                                                                           Each about an hour long

   Each accompanied by a PDF 


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TechRef PDFs!

The second thing we’ve done is take our online technical reference – TechRef – and put it in PDF format. You can purchase this set of two PDFs and store them on your desktop, or each desktop in your office, or on your corporate site, etc.  Again, flexibility – whatever works best for you. The papers are lengthy explanations of basic topics in IT. The table of contents tells you what they cover. The words are exactly that – this PDF is a dictionary of technical terms and products written in plain English. Find out what that buzz word on a resume means, or what that analyst is talking about. This is the most extensive technical dictionary available as it includes over 1300 definitions of the buzz words your staff hears every day.


TechRef PDFs - $195                        Set of 2 PDFs

                                                           TechRef Papers

     TechRef Words 


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Need to understand Computer Acronyms?

TechRef PDFs!

  • Definitions for business men and women
  • Computer terminology knowledgebase
  • PDF format each to search


 CSTA on videos

  • 5 unique videos 
  • Use at your choice of time and place
  • Review all or part of any section
  • Improve communications with IT.