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We keep up with the latest computer language technology so you don't have to! We've been the leading resource of information technology for business professionals for more than 20 years.  We have the technical expertise to understand what's going on AND the communication skills to explain it to people like you. Join us for our six-hour signature training session: CSTA (Computers: Systems, Terms and Acronyms), and it will all come together.



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Computer Language Terms and Terminology?

This is the ONLY computer terminology language training specifically designed for business men and women and it's offered only by SemCo™.  Click here and get details on the program that has helped tens of thousands of individuals like you over the years to understand computer terms, terminology and technical jargon.


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Our computer terminology training and computer terms dictionary reference materials are meant for business professionals, not techies. These products and services explain computer jargon to you in plain English that you can easily understand. You communicate with techies but don't understand their computer jargon and tech terms. Then you research technology terms and phrases which takes too much time. So how do you keep up with the newest products that are developed almost daily?

Register today to experience a complete overview of computer technology that pulls everything together so you can be more productive tomorrow! 

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