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Customer Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is our greatest marketing tool. SemCo is successful because we develop training with our customers - not for them. We don't assume we know everything; we ask. We use surveys, development teams, beta tests and course critiques to guarantee that we're presenting what you need to know.  Each training program we teach is evaluated thoroughly.  Below is a sampling of the feedback we get from our customers:

"SemCo is simply the best for what you do! Please keep up your superlative work."  Gary Menkin

"Susan offers the best training on technical terms and how they intertwine with each other in a simple, fun and easy class.  I feel extremely confident when I leave her class knowing that I can talk the talk with any high-level technical person that I meet." - Cathy Peterson, AIC

"The materials and course content were relevant, up-to-date and easy to understand.  Bravo, on a fantastic educational program." - Jay Sener, Manpower Technical

". . . lucid, well thought out and solid information for recruiters." - Tom Landers, IBM

"The SemCo CSTA course is brilliant! It's purely conceptual and helps tremendously." -Dante Nino,

"It's always a challenge to find a company that offers useful, interesting and well-designed training.  SemCo offers that and more with their seminars and excellent instructors.  They understand the technical world and offer invaluable insight to that world.  SemCo and their instructors help make my training department successful - and for that I thank SemCo!" - Pat Macomber, Ajilon

"This has been the most informative, interesting, valuable seminar that I have ever taken." - Carla Casamona, Source Services

"I have been to a million and one classes in my career and this was the absolute best!" -Jill Henenberg, Reliance Consulting Group

" Having attended perhaps 50 training seminars in different subject areas over the past 17 years - this is by far the best presentation ever!" - Michael Henwood, Interim Technology

"This seminar was like the best cure for the worst headache.  It made learning the terms and acronyms clear, concise and pain free - thank you!" - Hille Craig, Romac International

"I believe SemCo offers the industry specific training required to get new employees up to speed and productive very quickly.  Their classes are constantly evolving so the training includes the latest techniques." - Sherry Epley, Advances Unlimited

"SemCo can be very proud of the instructors they use. The materials are fabulous, as well!" -Sarah Ericson, CSG Systems

"I found this course to be very thorough and the explanations really succeeded in filling in the blanks." -Natalie Molson, Accenture

"This seminar gave me confidence - which is a great feeling!" -Lorie Klokkenga, Manpower Professional

"This is the best class I have ever taken! I learned an amazing amount of useful information." -Lynda Zarnstorff,

"This seminar was great. I'm just sorry I didn't attend sooner."- Lisa Fleischman, Renaissance Worldwide, Inc.

"One of the best courses I have ever attended. The amount of material covered in two days (in an understandable presentation) was very impressive. The knowledge gained at this course is well cost justified." -Martin A. Cauz, Cornerstone Search Group, LLC

"This class was phenomenal. I am new to the IT industry and this class helped me to make sense of the things that I see and deal with out in the field." -Gerrod C. Bright II, Ajilon

"I heard it was good from co-workers, but I didn't expect it to be as good as it was." -Susan Kelly, MATRIX Resources

"My expectations were surpassed. I also didn't expect the industry insights that were included and were quite valuable." -Erin Sonn, Capital One

"I will be enrolling all of my technical recruiters and sales reps in the class. This is the most informative, interesting seminar I have ever attended." -Marilyn Pinet, ADECCO

"This seminar is essential for anyone that is working with IT terminology but does not have an IT background." - Matt Yeager, Volt Services Group

"Very informative class with an instructor who could truly relay the information in layman's terms." -Steve Brown, Princeton Information

"I'm now able to carry on conversations with pretty much anyone in the IT industry." -Tamara Hood, IBM EXPRO Staffing

"The training was great. The instructor was very informative . . . I could see the light bulbs going off in their heads. The training materials are great!" -Connie Jordan, Levi Ray & Shoup, Inc.

"The class was a huge success. Very direct and to the point. The level of technical information provided was outstanding, and, of course, the CSTA book is a great source of information." - Dee Shafer, BEST Consulting

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