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We make computer technology clear and concise so non-technical people can work with computer professionals and computer products… With confidence!

SemCo Enterprises is the leading provider of training solutions and products that demystify IT!

Why SemCo™ is the Acknowledged Expert in Tech Terms and Computer Fundamentals

We only do one thing, and we've been doing it for over 20 years.
Computer FundamentalsTechnology is not a sideline for us; SemCo Enterprises was founded in 1989 to bridge the communication gap between technical professionals and business men and women. Everything we do - every seminar we present, every book, article, or paper we write, every set of and paper in our online technical database - follows one objective - to enable non-technical people to communicate with information technology profesionals and understand technical terms and products.
We develop our own products
We would use existing materials – if we could find any that meet our standards. We looked for a book explaining computer terminology, but none was written specifically for business men and women. We looked for a computer dictionary, but none contained significant information on products and vendors. So we develop our own products to ensure we present the information you need – and that it's accurate, accessible, current, and – above all – understandable.
It takes technical knowledge to explain technology terms.
You have to thoroughly understand how something works in order to explain it to others. SemCo™ has the technical background and experience to do just this. Susan Hodges, SemCo™'s founder, started her technical career as a programmer, worked as an analyst, a designer, a project leader, and a systems manager. She was also trained in course development and presentation, and functioned as a technical trainer and a training manager. Her technical experience ensures technical accuracy, and her training experience ensures that best educational practices are followed when developing both training and products.
It takes communication skills to explain technology.
SemCo™'s instructors are chosen for their communication skills and their ability to present clear, understandable answers to questions with appropriate examples. All materials are reviewed by non-technical readers to ensure that we provide clear and concise information on a variety of tech terms and internet acronyms.
SemCo™presents information on computer fundamentals and technology in an organized manner to build a foundation to keep up with technology changes.
While information technology is incredibly dynamic and changes even daily, the basics stay the same. SemCo ™'s training and products are organized around these basics, so once someone has this understanding, keeping up is easy.
SemCo™ supplies the follow-up support necessary to keep-up with the changes in IT
Training is available via instructor-led, interactive, Web based training.

SemCo was founded in 1989 to answer the many requests Susan Hodges received asking for computer fundamentals training. At that time, she was running a technical training division for The Chubb Institute, and was regularly asked how non-technical people could learn about computer terminology. She founded SemCo Enterprises, Inc. and developed a two-day seminar: CSTA (Computers: Systems, Terms and Acronyms). When she couldn't find appropriate materials she wrote a computer dictionary by the same name.

By the mid-1990s, SemCo was the recognized authority in this area and thousands of business men and women attended training sessions every year. A special session covering the Internet was developed to cover this new technology and a seminar for technical recruiters covered skills necessary to fill computer jobs. A set of technology charts summarized the history of IT and its products covering the 1960s through 2000.

Since 2000, SemCo has incorporated the Web into all its products. Participants can schedule training so they don't have to miss a full day of work, can eliminate travel, and can be completely comfortable in their own environment.

In 2001, the text, Computers: Systems, Terms and Acronyms, was converted to an online knowledgebase, TechRef®, which is available and updated 24/7. Users access up-to-date information through specialized searches, ask for specific categories of terms and/or products, and use an interactive email option to ask SemCo further technical questions. This database is now central to our technical training.

SemCo continues to focus on our one objective: to enable non-technical people to communicate with IT professionals and understand technical products. We're proud that our training and products are the gold standard in this area, and we work hard to keep it that way!

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Customer Testimonials

TAC Worldwide Companies, CSTA Program: 

"This CSTA training was phenomenal.  I look forward to diving into the TechRef website with regularity.  The five groups of documentation and the CSTA book I received will be very valuable resources and frames of reference.  I already have a firmer grasp on what I'm doing in terms of speaking intelligently with contractors on the phone."

Ajilon, CSTA Program:

"It's always a challenge to find a company that offers useful, interesting and well-designed training. SemCo offers that and more with their seminars and excellent instructors. They understand the technical world and offer invaluable insight to that world. SemCo and their instructors help make my training department successful - and for that I thank SemCo!"

Computerworld, CSTA Book:

"Knowledge is indeed power and this reference tool proves it. Easy to use and indispensable in the professional environment."

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