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SemCo Launches Online IT Reference Tool

SemCo has taken Computers: Systems, Terms and Acronyms - the book that has been called the technology "bible" for non-technical people - and made it the centerpiece of a new online Information Technology research and learning tool called TechRef. TechRef is on SemCo's eSemCo site, a resource area for recruiters, sales people and managers.


Going online allowed SemCo to expand and add new features to its popular database of computer terms and acronyms, including daily updates, quick access to data, flexible list searches, and individualized research and learning paths for users.


TechRef allows subscribers to search over 20,000 entries and 2000 technical categories to find answers to questions about computers, operating systems, databases, networks, and applications. It also includes a unique database of products from over 4,000 vendors. The distinct layers of information within TechRef (categories, terms and vendors) also allow users to "drill down" from concepts to details or "power up" from specifics to overviews.


An additional section, Technical Shorts, contains dozens of articles on new, confusing and popular technologies. These articles add to the definitions of specific topics, and many definitions point to an article so the reader can continue to learn about the topic.


To explore the many unique features of TechRef, or to register to this valuable online check the easy sign-up on

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