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More than a Computer Glossary A Complete Resource of Computer Terminology

Computer terms are confusing.

Computer acronyms even more so!


  • The field is full of synonyms;
  • Some techies talk about a product by its name:

Others will use the vendor name;

Still others just mention what it does;

  • Names of both products and terms change; and
  • New terms appear daily.


To eliminate the confusion, TechRef® definitions of computer terms include common synonyms, who the vendor is (with a link to the vendor site), and what the product does. Definitions also include the history of name changes for both products and vendors and both explain and define computer acronyms. To keep up with the new terms appearing daily, TechRef® is updated daily.


TechRef® is more than just a computer glossary because it allows you to find as much, or as little, information as needed. Sometimes the definition is enough. But other times you need to know the encompassing technology, competitive products, complementary techniques, new products, or emerging technologies. In addition to the 20,000+ definitions:


  • Over 200 categories organize the definitions
  • Technical shorts cover new and popular technologies
  • Advanced search options let you:

Find newly released products

Find a definition when you're unsure of the term

Find out vendor's upcoming plans

And much more…


The distinct layers of information within TechRef® (Technical Shorts, Categories, Terms and Vendors) allow each user to research and learn – to drill down from concepts to details or power up from specifics to overviews.


TechRef® is the most complete resource of computer terminology available, but we all know there's no way every single technical term and product can be included. To keep our promise to answer any technical question, an included link lets you email questions to us if you can't find or need more information. We'll find the answer and get it to you (and add the information to TechRef® so the next time it will be there).


TechRef® is available 24/7, and is updated daily – whenever new products are released, revised, renamed, or whenever new technology appears.

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