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    Rent A Geek is your best source on the World Wide Web for locating freelance computer consultants and consulting companies. Our searchable Database will help you find someone in your area that can provide the services you need, quickly and easily. Updated on April 22, 2017 7:16:48 PM EDT

    Marketplace for freelance professionals. Employers can post projects and receive bids from technical professionals. Payment for services is handled by Guru - the employer pays Guru who pays the freelancer. Updated on July 10, 2008 6:04:26 PM EDT

    The Career Center at is the most sophisticated, yet easy to use IT employment center on the Internet. For employers, it allows you to manage your global IT job openings for your company with a proactive approach to recruiting. For job applicants, it is a powerful tool to help find the perfect IT career.
    http://www.operationit.comLast Updated on May 3, 2013 5:28:54 PM EDT

    Recruiter Networks
    Includes 20 regional networks owned by local recruiters. Offers job postings, resume database, discussion forums, and email networking groups.
    http://www.recruiternetworks.comLast Updated on November 13, 2002 5:51:00 PM EST
    Recruiters Network is a free Association for HR Professionals, Recruiters and Hiring Managers. Our goal is to provide leading resources and information on the Recruiting and Internet Recruiting Industry.
    http://www.recruiting.comLast Updated on April 22, 2017 7:15:15 PM EDT is building the largest free online executive recruiter directory, connecting corporate recruiters with leading executive search firms around the world.
    http://www.searchfirm.comLast Updated on April 3, 2003 9:01:00 AM EST

    Provides online reference checking. Sends emails to references with a link to an online source. The person providing the reference answers the questions, and sends the reference back anonymously.
    http://www.skillsurvey.comLast Updated on May 31, 2014 12:49:12 PM EDT

    TechRef (SemCo)
    TechRef is an online database of over 20,000 definitions of products, terms, and systems used in Information Technology. It is written specifically for technical recruiters, account managers, administrators, and other non-technical people who work with computer professionals. Offers multiple search techniques, and drill down, power up capabilities.
    http://www.semcoenterprises.comLast Updated on April 22, 2017 7:18:48 PM EDT

    The Training Registry
    The Training Registry is a directory of trainers, consultants, training seminars & workshops, computer labs & classrooms and keynote speakers. Updated on April 22, 2017 7:19:44 PM EDT

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