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CSTA and Internet Acronyms Computer Training

You don't have to keep up with computer terms, internet acronyms and terminology because SemCo does it for you!

That's our job!

We provide training:

  • In computer terminology
  • Understanding IT jobs
  • IT recruiting
  • and more.

    More reasons to choose SemCo™:
  • Our CSTA is designed for business people, and our courses don't go into exhaustive technical detail. You get what you need.
  • Every seminar is constantly updated. We update materials and courses on a daily basis to ensure you know how computer abbreviations, acronyms and terminology is being used – now!
  • Our instructors come from the business world and know how hard it is when you don't even know how to phrase the question. We'll get the question out of you!
  • You'll have questions about tech terms after the course and we'll provide the answers – you get a TechRef®, subscription, and computer acronyms list, and email answers to your new questions.

Our flagship course, CSTA (Computers:  Systems, Terms and Acronyms) has evolved with computer terminology abbreviations over the last 20 years. We've added training in Technical Recruiting, sessions on new and hot technologies, and a web session for anyone who needs to understand technical jobs.

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Training and Costs

Web-based Training

With an Internet connection and a phone line, you can take part in Web-based training. From the comfort and privacy of your home or office, participate in live, instructor-led training, and interact with other participants.

Group Training

Organizations, associations, and individual companies – even groups of a few people who each have a few people can schedule dedicated training at considerable savings. You choose the best days and hours and we'll set up Web-based training specifically for you.

Prices and Refunds

Prices for regularly scheduled public courses are on the Schedule/Enroll page. Discounts start with a group as small as three. Contact us for group prices. Payment is due by class start date for both scheduled public courses and group training.

Refund policy is very simple. If you do not attend the training you will receive a full refund. You may cancel at any time before class start. If you start a class and cannot finish it, you can attend a later class. If you start a class and realize you are in the wrong class you will receive a full refund as long as you contact us within the first hour of CSTA or TR, the first 20 minutes of UITJ.